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Read Senator Warren's bill at:


Let's face it Democrats, You All Failed to Deliver.

On Jobs.

On Student Debt Relief.

On Exporting our Jobs and Pollution to China, etc.

Even on affordable health care.

On election day, 2014, so will we.


Democrats on Student Loan Debt:    

From an interview with Matt Conoyer of Senator Warren's media staff on her bill re Student loan college debt:

-Is equal protection under federal bankruptcy laws finally put forth to better protect student debtors?

Not addressed in the bill, nor any bill.

-Does her proposed bill streamline forgiveness, unemployment and forbearance benefits so anyone, regardless of student loan type, can apply and be considered for help and forgiveness on an equal basis?

Not in the bill. Only refinancing.

-Will Senator Warren's  bill abolish garnishment of wages and Social Security benefits by federal debt collection contractors?


But "she is concerned about these"...and so we have to wonder: if she and other Democrats are so concerned, why aren't they doing more to protect student loan debtors just as they (and Republicans) continue to protect Wall Street banksters and business investors under current federal law?


You even continue to fail to help homeless kids. 

-see 60 Minutes'  "Hard times generation: Homeless kids" :

          -from Gallup:



The problem with Democrats and all CorporateCrats is that, while some can get elected, including the guy who just visited a WalMart and who has yet to visit a college campus to discuss student loan debt relief, they have no clue how to lead nor govern unless it concerns their own pockets, their own health care and their own incomes and benefits.